Monday, 9 October 2017

Mr. Numb, Tattoo Waxing Piercing Numbing Cream 30gm Tube


This is for 1 tube of Authentic Mr. Numb Max Strength Cream. Larger quantity available.

Highly recommended by Tattoo Artists as the best cream on the market. Used for many other applications including waxing, piercing, laser removal and other pain relief.

What I have is brand new and unopened, and has a long shelf life.

***100% authentic and purchased direct from Mr. Numb. Beware of many fake Mr. Numb products out there being sold, any with different packaging than my image, product in aluminium tubes (aluminium tubes are not even permitted in Canada so anything in metal tubes is fake), and all should have an expiry date plus lot number that can be checked with Mr. Numb***

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